Throwback: McFly


I kinda lost the urge to listen to this band for a while but I guess I am back. I have three of their albums and one live dvd of them and they don’t even sound that bad at present. They might still be pop/rock but I don’t know, it’s their lyrics and their sound that makes me enjoy listening to them. Team Jones, y’all. At least they’re a band that plays their instruments instead of dancing around. They’re my cuppa tea. When thinking back the last five years… I can swear that I was totally dying for them. I was absolutely addicted to them and I absolutely adored them. As much as I was a huge huge huge fan of the UK. Ahhh, makes me all smile! Just to keep it short and simple: McFly is a four-man band who write their own songs and play their own instruments. Furthermore they have launched five albums and also dethroned the Beatles of being the youngest band with a #1 Hit-Single in 2004. McFly is UK’s sweetest pop/rock band.

Danny Jones – If U C Kate (acoustic)

(Half of) McFly – That’s the truth (acoustic)

=] <3 don't forget to smile.


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