When time passes you by…


So, I have been sitting in the living room almost the whole day now since the chambres de dormir’s walls are getting new paint. That would mean that I have been on the laptop since 9am. Good thing, however, is that I managed to clean and update my computer since it had no space anymore. I have been lagging on updating my blogsit, je sais, je sais. Given the circumstances the desired inspiration is missing in all sectors of my creative mind. Where are thou? Since my little brother celebrated his birthday yesterday I kinda got to thinking. It is extrem how time is running and how fast the kids grow. Just looking at my little sister makes me think that I stopped developing in some ways and it is creepy. Hah, I sort of need a great make-over of everything. That is why I cannot wait to get out of this town and see new things. I realised that I need to get out of the country once a year since it was always the case the past years. Hopefully, this trip will give me a chance to learn new things as well as new places. August, can’t you come faster?

=] <3 don't forget to smile.


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