Hey You. You’re beautiful.


Sometimes in life, we truly forget who we are. We tend to get influenced by what society or even our peers expect from us. It’s like, everything you do isn’t good enough, your looks don’t make the cut or even worse, I don’t want to meet you because you look/act/seem weird. That is why it is so easy for us to loose ourselves and would rather adapt and be like everyone else than embrace our own uniqueness. Adaption is nothing bad, no question, nevertheless we shouldn’t adapt at such a high degree that we completely neglect our own selves. The most frequent sentence in our head might probably be “what would the others think?” and that’s when you base all your decisions on what ‘the others’ think and that’s when you start to lead the life ‘they’ think is appropriate.
How about you? Is that what YOU want in life?

The next thing would be impressing people. There are occasions where you have to impress people due to acquiring a job or getting that good grade. Of course that is where the first impression counts a lot but then again, it’s just for one occasion.
I used to be so caught up in the belief that the game and happiness is won when everyone around you is impressed by you. I learned that happiness doesn’t come through the eyes of others. Happiness comes just purely from what is inside YOU.

We live in such a judgemental world and I just think it is time for us to set all prejudices aside and see for yourself! See for yourself if that weird, quiet girl is really weird and quiet. Maybe she’s just shy at first but a blast when you get to know her more. See for yourself if that guy with an A-class car is really as cool as you think. Maybe he is just another guy who bases his peer groups by their classes in society. Is he still cool like that? See for yourself if you want to be a doctor, a musician or a writer. Everyone else said you won’t find a fair job but maybe being a doctor, a musician or a write is your life goal and you really achieve it. People should start seeing and experiencing things for themselves first before even judging things. Whereas for YOU, just do us a favour and be/do YOU.
Where is the thrill in life if you can’t be yourself – a complete unique and beautiful person?

Don’t care about what others think of you, they’re not living your life.
Don’t care about who to impress, you don’t need them as much as they need you.
Don’t care about what others have, you have everything you need and so much more.
Don’t base your life on fitting into the crowd, when in life you’ll find just the right crowd to stick to.

There is a reason God made you the way you are, so embrace it. Everyone is different and  whenever you have accepted yourself as yourself, then people can expect as much as they want from you but YOU are still the only person that can decide for yourself.

Aloe Blacc – I’m beautiful
I hope this was a thought-provoking post and I dearly hope that you decide to be you.
=] <3 don't forget to smile.

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