German Music Week: Silbermond


Whenever my brother is at our place we usually randomly listen to very old songs. Mostly very cheesy and lovey dovey songs since its mostly very funny to us. Inspired by that I thought of posting a bunch of German songs that I still listen to now and then this whole week.

Kicking it off with: Silbermond is a Pop/Rock band from Germany (Bautzen, Sachsen) and is a well-known band throught the German speaking countries. The band consists of four members: Stefanie Kloß, Andres Nowak, Johannes and Thomas Stolle. Even though the band has been existing since 1998, they reached success and full acknowledgement in 2004. All of their albums reached platinum status in Austria and Germany. 
Their last album was released in 2009 and ever since the band hasn’t had many public appearances.
Let us hope for a new record in the making.

The reason for their success must probably be their ballads and their lyrics. Go and check them out!

“Das Beste” – Laut Gedacht (2006)


“Durch die Nacht” – Verschwende Deine Zeit (2004)
“Symphonie” – Verschwende Deine Zeit (2004)
“Letzte Bahn” – Verschwende Deine Zeit (2004)
“Unendlich” – Laut Gedacht (2006)
“German does not always have to be bad. Let me just introduce you to several artists that bring quality music with quality lyrics on the market. You might or might not know the songs but if you do, enjoy singing along to them as much as I do.”
Stay tuned for more German songs!
=] <3 don't forget to smile.

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