German Music Week: Juli

“German music does not always have to be bad. Let me just introduce you to several artists that bring quality music with quality lyrics on the market. You might or might not know the songs but if you do, enjoy singing along to them as much as I do.”

Eva Briegel, Marcel Römer, Andreas Herde and Jonas Pfetzing make up the band Juli. They are a Pop-Rock combination and have been present since 1996 as ‘Sunnyglade’. However, since 2001 they are known as ‘Juli’. They reached their stardom with their song “Perfekte Welle” in 2004 and ever since are one of the Top German Acts. Since Silbermond and Juli have risen to fame in the same year, they had to face comparisons due to their similarities. Both bands, however, have strictly disclaimed these opinions.

“Perfekte Welle” (2004)

“Geile Zeit” (2004)
“Regen und Meer” (2005) Personal favourite!
“Wir beide” (2006)
“Zerissen” (2007)

=] <3 don't forget to smile.

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