German Music Week: Fettes Brot

“German music does not always have to be bad. Let me just introduce you to several artists that bring quality music with quality lyrics on the market. You might or might not know the songs but if you do, enjoy singing along to them as much as I do.”
Fettes Brot is a German Hip Hop group consisting of three guys from Hamburg. The group was founded in 1992 and have established a strong fanbase in German speaking countries. They are well-known for their goofy songs and videos but even more for their critical lyrics about society. Furthermore, most of their songs are very familiar to German speakers. In my eyes they are one of the best hip hop group in Germany!
“Emanuela” (2008)

“Schwule Mädchen” (2001)
“An Tagen wie diesen” (2002)
“Soll das alles sein?” (2006)
“Erdbeeben” (2008)
“Bettina, zieh dir bitte etwas an” (2008)

=] <3 don't forget to smile.

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