How ‘Mean Girls’ teaches you everything


I’ve just stumbled upon this super funny and great blog. It’s from the website and I must say I enjoyed reading this post. It’s one of these post where you just go ‘man, I can really relate to this’. The people who know me, know that I absolutely adore the ‘Mean Girls’ movie and that I know most of the movie’s lines off by heart. And of course, that I could watch this movie a million times and I would definitely force you to watch it too – regardless if you’re a guy. So, I hope this post will make you giggle as much as I did because the things written in it is just very legit. Enjoy!

“Oh my God, I love your skirt! Where did you get it?”
Never Date a BFF’s Ex

It is seriously the rules of feminism at work here. Gloria Steinem might have said that a woman without a man is like a fish without a bicycle, but what she really meant was that the man in question could not be your best friend’s ex. It’s called reading between the lines. You’re welcome.

You Really Can’t Make British Slang Happen in the Suburbs

It’s depressing, isn’t it? I liked “fetch” for what it was worth. So fetch. It could still happen and become a thing, right? I went through a period where I used to say “bloody hell” and was teased by my family members for doing so. To date, there is nothing I like better than a British accent. Something about a guy cocking his head toward me and saying “right then, jolly good” has me to the point where I just want to have all of his babies ever for him. Which would have to be born in the UK, thus giving me a valid reason to move and claim citizenship overseas. Always keep trying to make fetch happen, ladies of the world.
mg2 350x196 Mean Girls Taught Me Everything

Touching the Opposite Sex Will Result in Chlamydia…That You Will Die From

And here I was thinking all you’d get was just cooties. Coach Carr, you will probably go down in film history as the most quotable gym teacher ever.

Evil People Come in Two Forms: The Doers and the Watchers

Damn, Janis, you couldn’t be more right about this one. The two types of evil in the world include “those who do evil things and those who see evil things and don’t try to stop it”. A nice foreshadowing for Cady, who would watch Regina write about how Damien was “too gay to function”, something that she only repeated because Janis had said it. So not only did Cady see the evil in action, she added her own words that someone else said and didn’t try to take back said words which were not her own. Interesting. In other news, it’s kind of sad how I can remember all of this dialogue off the top of my head. Or just really awesome, take your pick.

mg1 350x233 Mean Girls Taught Me Everything

Halloween: Dress Like a Hot Mess and Nobody Can Say Anything About It. Period.

Boo, you whore… uh, I mean not, JK! It’s a girl world thing. For Halloween, if you want to put on a sexy short dress and mouse ears, you be that mouse. Nobody will say anything about it because the real world is for the kids with their Skittles. The girl world is for the girls in their Playboy Bunny costumes drinking vodka cocktails flavored to taste like Skittles. In the girl world, I was always the Cady in her zombie ex-wife costume. Though I preferred a dead Catholic schoolgirl costume because I had a short plaid skirt I used to be extremely fond of. Come to think of it, I have no idea how or why I got away with wearing that thing for as long as I did. It was kinda fetch in retrospect.

Wednesdays = Pink

Also, other important rules included not wearing a tank top two days in a row, ponytails are a once a week thing and sweatpants/jeans are for Fridays only. I would have been in so much trouble with The Plastics if I had gone to high school with them because I definitely rock the ponytail twice a week, minimum. These rules are real. Never forget. If I ever wore a vest, I have an ESPN sense that they would definitely kick me out of the lunch table and I’d be stuck eating in a bathroom stall because in high school there is nothing more heart-attack inducing than walking up to a table full of people you vaguely know and asking them if you can sit with them.

=] <3 don't forget to smile.


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