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Yesterday, I was blessed with another year in my life. Yes, it was my Birthday. Whoop whoop for two decades on this Earth. I can feel how my limbs are starting to get soar and how my sleeping pattern changes from sleeping very late to falling asleep at 8pm. Hah, no, I’m just kidding, even though I’ve just slept around six hours or so and don’t ask me why. Before everything else, I want to thank everyone who made my day as special and fun as I’ve never imagined it to be. You guys rock my world and you all know who you are!

Now that I’m starting a new chapter in my life as a person with the number two in her age, I am sort of anxious about how I’m gonna develop. Looking back at all those years, I just realise how effortless and easy some situations were. I could handle most situations by myself and as much as it bothers me to know, I kind of figured out that many things will not be as easy as they had been before and it might need some help from others along the way. I guess, at this point, I will be having to work real real hard for the things I want and need in life. At this point, I need to start reaching for my dreams in order for them to come true in the next ten years. And I am fully aware that this new chapter in my life comes along with more responsibilities, harder decisions to make and also hurting disappointments. Living life is a learning process and takes time, of course, but with the current right people in my life, I guess it won’t be as hard as if I wouldve still been surrounded by the wrong people. If you’ve got the impression that I am a person who has it all together, you are wrong because I am a person who is basically scattered all over the place, finding herself in a melee most of the time, but again, this is part of growing up and it sure scares me. Being at this point in life, I pretty much guess also means, no excuses.
Everything sounds so serious although people at my age in colleges have the time in their lives. This can mean the same for me but since I was pretty much unfocused these past two years, it is high time to get that drive going again. I can go on and on and on about how I plan my future and the way I want it to be but hands down, I am not in control of it. That’s why I lift everything up to the man up there and just hope that the dreams in my mind will still come true, through Him.

But as for now, I need to focus more on my studies, keep the right people close and try to avoid all sorts of dramas! And life… bring it on!

=] <3 don't forget to smile.


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