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I haven’t been writing a lot lately and that is because I was studying for an exam, which I have today. Fingerscrossed and lots of prayers that I will pass it this time. I am quite nervous and also quite anxious but I guess it will work out fine! Anyways, during studying my mind always wanders and thinks about the most random stuff. Since the travelbug caught me lately I just can’t rave and stop thinking about that I have really actually been to New York City. It was very surreal that time and due to dozens of other events two years ago, I couldnt quite let the feeling set in that I visited the Big Apple. One of the highlights was really visiting Columbia University. Who knows if that dream will ever come true?
The only thing that kept me sane during school was being able to travel around. I miss those times where after a stressful phase in school you could shut your mind and concentrate on being in a different country. Lately I have also realised how I missed travelling around. Not in particular with the company of my classmates but just visiting and seeing new place. What happened? However, that kept me quite motivated and also gave me the feeling of change in between books and other serious stuff. Reeeemenisssccciiinnngggg =)
=) don’t forget to smile.

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