Dear Mother,

I am 100% sure that you won’t be able to read this yet I hope that some day you will come across this.
Today is mother’s day and I know I haven’t really shown you my appreciation for you over the past couple of weeks. Sometimes it is hard being your daughter and trying to live up to all of your expecations but I know that you truly want the best for us. Just as hard it is being your daughter I am also very proud to be yours. You taught us how to work hard, not to take things for granted and always to turn to God if ever we had struggles. I know I have held grudges against you over the time but I don’t want that because I have that much love and respect for you. You are the strongest woman I know and just how it should be, I want to be like you one day.
You truly the number one person I look up to excluding all celebrities :P
I know I am a drag and not very pleasant at the moment but that is just because I grow up too and I know you don’t really like to admit it but you are scared of that. And I know you are constantly worried about our future but let me tell you this again, you have raised us and brought us up in a very good way and you can trust us not messing up the times ahead of us. People do not really understand your views sometimes but you don’t care because you’re confident that that is the right thing to do and  I really appreciate that and it really does impress me. You have gone so much since you’ve been 5 years old and the woman that you have become is just amazing. I can’t thank God enough for having you as my mother because also if I mess up, and I did quite a few times, I know I got your back. It hurts to see you being hurt that’s why I don’t want to cause more problems than I already have. I can’t wait for my kids to have you as a Grandma because I know that they will learn a lot from you. They will be as inspired as I am and I hope that I get all the traits that you have as a loving mother.
You are truly a superwoman, balancing a 40h a week job and 5 children and a husband. You are the brains in the family as well as the queen! You keep motivating us, show us how much you care and keep us all together!

Happy Mother’s Day!
=] <3 don't forget to smile
Love, your daughter.

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