I have come across this interview series through my favourite and regular visited blogs and pretty much spent my evening watching these interviews. All I can say is that each and every person in this show is such an inspiration. It is a show where two women (mostly celebrities) talk about being a woman. They talk about their struggles, their careers and just how miraculous life can be. Although women still have to fight for certain rights or even fight for the female image, us girls/women have accomplished so much over the past decades. Over the past weeks I have really tried to understand what my role in life was and whether I am forseen for so much more. It is very easy for us girls to fall for role models that aren’t meant to be ours. We tend to go for appreance and looks instead of using something that is not as fleeting as our brain. We tend to think that finding our Prince Charming is the only way to be happy. We tend to put other people before ourselves because it is in our nature to be very caring. However, it’s ourselves that we shouldn’t forget about. We also tend to be dependent on so many perishable things that we lose track of what really is important for a life time.

I really recommend you to watch this series. I for my part have already learnt a lot within these 45 minutes of watching the show. Enjoy!

Check the episodes on

=] <3 don't forget to smile.

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