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Phew, summer is almost over my friends and I can say it was a summer full of ups and downs. I am stoked about school though and I can’t wait for the chilly weather. I am curious what kind of big things are still going to happen until the year is up again! But for now I’d like to reminice about last year’s vacation in Copenhagen with my Gals. How I miss it! 315660_10150772159630704_2435397_n294276_10150773075980704_752135703_20407185_4165292_n
297665_10150775338130704_8339481_n298192_10150774906140704_1015241_n 302984_10150353668636499_4094471_n 293219_10150775338665704_4431064_n301279_10150775339165704_3443324_n 313783_10150775344670704_752135703_20430877_431345_n293930_10150273407144118_6735069_n 300206_10150775372460704_4254675_n312569_10150775339695704_6844848_n 314489_10150775390790704_5080375_n299122_10150273408399118_3886468_n
299430_10150273405774118_3155483_n316711_10150273405734118_223661_n 319489_10150353675616499_6400231_n304224_10150353670601499_331041_n

Picture credits to my lovely ladies.

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