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It really took me a while to get back and write something. Especially for this summer.
Just a couple of months ago I was stressed with studying for my exams which I thankfully passed, I was stressed with Congress preparations which felt less as a burden but more of great bonding time and more of service and the time went by so quickly I was surprised that I did find some time to take it all in and appreciate it. I felt honoured to be part of the EYC’s Service Team and it really felt good that people believed in me and gave me a responsibility.

We don’t really see it but we do inspire people every day and we are persons that can be looked up to. It is impossible to live a life without mistakes, faults or bad habits but it is possible to turn your back on them. Life really isn’t about fighting your way through it on your own – it’s more about knowing you have the right people on your side and fighting through life with them. That’s what I figured out at the most random moment. I really can say it made ‘click’ and I understood that being selfish about your struggles doesn’t necessarily make you a strong person when there are people who want to help. What I don’t wish for anyone is having to go through life on their own because they have nobody. Because no one wants to help.

This summer I have also learned to be less proud. Especially when it comes to family matters. I’ve learned that they really only want what’s best for me and I used to doubt that before. I used to see that as a threat from them for not letting me grow up but at the end of the day and with time, I really understood what their point is and I am grateful that they stopped me from something that I would have realised was wrong before I even could. And of course, if you have expectations, you cannot stand there and wait for them to know what you want. That’s where I had to swallow my pride and make the first step and I can say I’d rather have that now than still be on the same spot waiting for nothing and complain about it.

Sometimes you get the feeling that you as a person have to change. And sometimes it’s out of all the wrong reasons. But I say don’t change. You have no idea how much your personality as it is now has helped so many people before. I must admit though, that there might be some parts of you that have to go through improvements but make them good and change for the better.

Just when I wonder or reflect on things the quote “Good things come to those who wait” always seems to prove itself to me. And as much as I’d like to go with the flow and have this at the recent time and have that to be uptodate, I rather hold back, take a breath and ask myself why I want that and realise I am not that person to be uptodate at all and that I am more the person who waits for things because as well as I know myself, if it weren’t for my patience, I wouldn’t be able to appreciate things that I have now and I guess my life would have just gotten by in a speed that I couldn’t keep up with.

Summer is over and another chapter starts. There are a lot of challenges I have to face yet but I say “just come at me, bro” because I know that when these challenges are faced and when the struggles are pulled through, then I know that I am growing as a person and to the person I want to be.


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