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Currently there is so much new going on and it takes some time for me to get used to it but I am getting there and my efforts are on the highest level. I took up the challenge to get out of my comfort zone and as much as I am very unsure and quite afraid of failure, I will keep on going because these signs are just pointing towards growth. Even though I feel like there was a set back in my personal growth, I cannot dwell on thinking that I am not good enough for every opportunity that opens for me. It is true, not everything turns out to be something for the longrun but then again, if doesnt work out, I can be sure that God has a greater plan for me. That’s why I need to keep on reminding myself why I wanted this, for what and for who I do all this.
In times like these, I admit it, I feel pretty alone because I feel like noone can help me but myself to get through this. Of course, I will never be alone and I have the most supportive people in my life but in order to grow, I need my mind to focus on its own and not through other people.

I won’t apologise for seeming helpless and I don’t care if what I’ve talked about is not a big deal. Every person is different and also has a different way of tackling new things. All I need is the feeling of support whether I am going to fail or not.

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