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I’ve been way too lazy on my posting nowadays and I apologize. Sometimes I just don’t have anything post-worthy to write but I hope it’s going to change now! Today is my first day back in University and I am very stoked. It’s my first class in Principles of International Law and I am quite excited about that. First and foremost because it’s held in English and I just miss my lessons in English and secondly because I am curious what stuff I am able to learn.

Other than that, my weekend was quite eventful. Work on Saturday (yes, Ezzy works now – what wonder!) and then a mission trip to Salzburg yesterday. I feel very grateful that I was able to work with a Service Team that was a mix of all Ministries and most of all, I was very happy to get to know new youths and just hang out with them. Thanks also to my Travelbuddy of the day, Kents, who helped out and made the youths feel super comfortable with us. Just how Father Dong Dong said, we all are curious what will happen with the young generation from today in 20 years.


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