Just last week ago we got something quite interesting in the mail. My older brother bought us a VCR for our very old camcorder tapes and it finally came with the mail so we started watching all these very old homevideos. It is amazing how much time went by. Yet, it is great how old faces still keep playing a role in my life. Sometimes due to all these years and all these new events that come up you just never really realise how much you have developped as a person. It is great to share your siblings’ accomplishments, your parents’ and also your friends’ accomplishments, but most importantly, to be proud of your own accomplishments. Just like me who worries a lot about the future, about how to get to my dreams and which way to go, we tend to forget how exciting the future can really be. One minute you watched yourself on TV as a 2 year old thinking that at that time you had no idea that you’d turn out this way and the other minute you start with a sigh just being grateful to be where you’re at. Personally, it is hard for me to be greatful nowadays and I cannot think of the reason why. There is this constant dissatisfation within myself that I yet have to defeat and the only way to do so is to let go and trust. Trust that with time I will get where I want to be, do what I want to do and keep the people I love in my life. Trust, that there are bigger things yet to come. With that said, I am very excited for this upcoming LT because I feel like it’s going to be another heartwarming activity that you and I shouldn’t miss.


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