Fresh start in the new year, with a fresh new episode of a newly named ‘Icon of the Month’ for the year 2013, which is basically only the continuation of my ‘Idol of the Month’ series. The reason of the renaming is, that Idol doesn’t quite suit the meaning I am aiming at. This series of course has a lot to do about Role Models and about my admiration for them out of various reasons.

I am fully aware about the headlines she has been making about the amount of guys she dated in a spantime of 3 years, however, I do not admire her in that sense but more about her music. Everyone knows what a musical genius Taylor Swift is. The reason why I admire her so much is, because she has a very good way with words. She can put the most complex situations with words as simple as A, B, C and I admire her for that. Furthermore, her ability to reach to a tons of girls (me included) with her lyrics is pure talent. So, check out her latest album ‘Red’ that I cannot get enough of. Here you can find some of my personal favourites.

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