The start in February was one good one! We had the EYC Planning here in Vienna and besides feeling honoured being part of the Service Team, I am also very excited for the Congress itself. From what I can tell, it is going to be quite different yet familiar this year and I cannot wait for you guys to be part of it. During the Planning I also got to spend some time with ze Bubi which was a lot of fun. Especially when no-one understood our sense of humour – oh well, weird couple. Even though the Planning was stressful enough, I had to pull all-nighters during that weekend to be able to finish my semester paper. It all paid off since I’ve got a good grade on it. The weekend was very intense and very productive, but with all the hard work we also shared a lot of laughs. I am glad to be part of a team that is determined to make this event a great one. Each person inspired me in so many ways which makes me so proud to know them. We the foundation, we a family :)

 No worries, during all that…
 nonsense, we actually…
got to conclusions!

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