LENT ’13

Picture: http://a-wrinkle-intime.tumblr.com/ 

Lent came in pretty early this year and in that sense also very quickly. Lent for me has a much deeper meaning this year. Of course, I used to fast certain things but I never really understood the reason to fast sweets and candies or my usual TV Shows and stuff. However, this year, I decided to fast something that is very very dear to my heart. We know lent as a season to abstain from things that keep us further away from God but also further away from ourselves. A lot of people around me have realised that this lenten season can be used to go deeper in ourselves and try to know oneself much better. Of course, in order to carry this out properly the help of God is required. Nevertheless, for my part I have combined these things with thanksgiving. These past weeks I felt so blessed and I just thought that through sacrificing something that I love, just shows that I truly want to thank God for each and every blessing. Also, I use this season not only to go deeper in knowing myself but also try not to be dependent on perishable and fleeting things. Because what I have learnt is that when you fully rely on God, amazing things can happen. Now I have decided to deepen my relationship with Him and learn to fully trust Him with His plans for me because when there are times that I do not feel secure, safe or happy, I know that these things are just temporary things because I believe that He has a greater plan for me. Hence, with that growth in the relationship with me and Him, I know that every other relationship in my life can grow as well. Now I believe that keeping Him in the center of everything, will bring greater things. And since it is the year of faith, anything can happen.



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