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A good brother of mine, that I look up to very much, said that honesty is the best policy. And I strongly agree with that. The time has come that we start to be honest. Not only to other people but also to oneself. We cannot always run away from our fears, our worries or our doubts. When we are honest to ourselves and admit to oneself that we are weak, then that is the first step to improvement. Sometimes we know how much it hurts being honest because we might have to sacrifice a whole lot and we don’t want to see things clearly but by being honest about the given circumstances, I believe that there is a potential of growth as a person.
I have encountered a lot of situations where my honesty hurt other people. However, it never is my intention to hurt people, especially people that are close to my heart. For my part I really think highly of them, I respect them as a person and they really deserve the best. Hence, they also deserve the truth and no lies and no sugarcoating. I call it tough love, but at the end of the day it still is love. 
For whoever needs to face the truths in their lives, know that you’re on the right path! Whoever I may have hurt in the past or present with my honesty, I would like to apologise. Know that it was only for your good and never for mine.

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