BIRTHDAY WEEK "Auf gmiatlich"


Well, someone’s gotten a year older now and someone’s growing up, or something like that. I’m stoked I could share my special day with special people. The weekend before my actual birthday, my Herzbubi surprised me, which was such a sweet thing to do of him. We had a great time just doing the usual – hanging out, catching up and being funnily silly. Thanks again, love for the awesome time. You made it a great one :)

So then, on Saturday I was able to spend some time with my close friends for dinner at my place. Dinner at my places are held now and then but just because I like to cook for my friends and just hang out. A very cosy evening ended where I realised how truly blessed I am. Thanks for everything guys, means a lot!

Even though when times might rough, I know I’m still blessed. With this new year I’ve been given, I’ll try to put all my glory to Him, I will Pray Until Something Happens and at last, will Fully Rely On Him with my future plans.



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