The Man up there gave Kents and I another opportunity to go on mission. It was quite a hassle even trying to buy a train ticket yet in the end, everything turned out great. Kents and I had a very early train ride to Salzburg and even though we were quite tired, we managed everything quite well. 
We got welcomed by the YFL Salzburg Members very warmly when they picked up us from the train station and took us to the venue. I love being there because everyone is so open and so warm. We had a great activity and I’m always in awe to see how fast they grow spiritually. Kennet and I truly felt blessed to be part of that area that is so inspiring. After the activity and the great food the adults cooked for us over there, the members took their time to show us around the city.
I was truly blown away by how that city is just so romantic. It’s crazy that I’ve visited Salzburg a lot before yet never got the time to fully enjoy its monuments and its sights. I’ve truly fallen in love with the city and I felt really lucky to have seen it properly.
The train ride back home was as chilled as the train ride on the way to Salzburg. Even though it was really late, our ride consisted of food and deep talks.

It’s great having the best mission partner and friend sharing such an amazing time with me.




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