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What a bummer it is to know, that you have to be even more patient to see your most favourite band on the planet. Nevertheless, the plane tickets and the hotel room were booked, therefore my loser partner and I had no other choice to go to that little get away trip to Zürich. However, we couldn’t complain at all. The food was good, the people were extremely welcoming and nice and the weather was perfect just to relax and catch up. Thanks guys for your hospitality! You have made our stay really great. We can’t wait to see you in Summer :)
* No Caprisun for me, that’s why I had to settle for Dreh-und-Drink 
* Venice and I thought our ways would lead to “Rappersville”, but it was all a dream
* Mandatory Cupcake visit – Chaicupcake… you were so goood!
* Group pics, groups pics, group pics :)
 photo IMG_6706_zps6b7c9dff.jpg photo IMG_6707_zps8bdf35e3.jpg

 photo IMG_6712_zpscbe97853.jpg photo IMG_6711_zpsa1d3865b.jpg

 photo IMG_6719_zps57249ad6.jpg photo IMG_6714_zpsdab1a964.jpg

 photo IMG_6720_zpsd8b59130.jpg

 photo IMG_6723_zps9ab781e2.jpg photo IMG_6728_zpsc4095965.jpg

 photo IMG_6725_zpsc61bd8ae.jpg

 photo IMG_6735_zps926546e6.jpg photo IMG_6736_zpsb6b1b4ed.jpg

 photo IMG_6738_zps0eb64300.jpg photo IMG_6741_zps16bc529b.jpg

 photo IMG_6748_zps7371fd23.jpg photo IMG_6749_zps55853cc0.jpg

 photo IMG_6757_zpsf752043e.jpg photo IMG_6758_zpsef0b5e2f.jpg
 photo IMG_6759_zps33a01772.jpg
 photo IMG_6760_zpse6ebf8b9.jpg
 photo IMG_6762_zps7857f89d.jpg photo IMG_6765_zps4f1e6c97.jpg
 photo IMG_6767_zps2b59df8f.jpg photo IMG_6770_zpsd7ab9cf0.jpg
 photo IMG_6769_zpsbb395aa2.jpg
 photo IMG_6775_zpsbcfb576f.jpg photo IMG_6778_zpsdd698b35.jpg
 photo IMG_6779_zps8c50f797.jpg


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