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Day two in Zürich was beautiful. We were blessed with great, sunny and warm weather. Visited the University of Zürich and also roamed around the picturesque old town. Our last day in ZH ended in the park, chilling next to the Zurich Lake in the sun, next to loads of boomboxes blurting all kinds of music. Zürich, see you sooon :D Can’t believe it took me more than a year to travel again. Oh, how I missed it.

* “I graduated in Sweden” – see the hat
* Mandatory Cupcake visit
* First and last shopping spree before heading home: Sprüngli – Luxemburgerli
* Fell in love with the stores in Zürich
* Went home with three boxes of Luxemburgerli 

 photo IMG_6831_zpsf9313bac.jpg photo IMG_6832_zps65e0c486.jpg
 photo IMG_6834_zpsba5f67e4.jpg photo IMG_6833_zps37ed36b5.jpg
 photo IMG_6837_zpsdea0790c.jpg
 photo IMG_6839_zps708291fe.jpg
 photo IMG_6840_zps78f3b602.jpg
 photo IMG_6794_zps41af5668.jpg
 photo IMG_6800_zps64316c76.jpg
 photo IMG_6803_zps8d3b3b90.jpg
 photo IMG_6804_zps265b7b86.jpg
 photo IMG_6805_zps59b16502.jpg photo IMG_6806_zps7e5d0fa1.jpg
 photo IMG_6808_zps77092cb0.jpg photo IMG_6841_zpsf86ef4f4.jpg
 photo IMG_6810_zpscad5618d.jpg

 photo IMG_6842_zpsaa10b4aa.jpg

 photo IMG_6811_zpsb0b6abe2.jpg

 photo IMG_6815_zpsa0d31333.jpg

 photo IMG_6813_zps9d4182c0.jpg photo IMG_6814_zps26251195.jpg

 photo IMG_6820_zps8ce1a06c.jpg

 photo IMG_6822_zps2eb7a331.jpg

 photo IMG_6823_zps84358c3c.jpg

 photo IMG_6825_zps5f0d4baa.jpg
 photo IMG_6843_zpsd5ee136f.jpg


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