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How many of us walk around day by day putting up a facade to just be agreeable to other people? How many of us try to impress other people by pretending to be a person they are not? How many people walk around with a huge pit in their stomach, knowing they need to be that and that kind of person just to fit in with their peers?
I know, it does sound a bit Highschool-ish, but let the truth be told, even when you’re out of Highschool, you will still find yourself hiding your truest self behind a mask. But why is that? Simply out of fear of being rejected. A lot of us, including myself, always seek to be perfect in each and every life situation or to each and every person you meet. Honestly, I can say that it used to be a lot easier for me to be myself around people in the past because I knew who I wanted to be surrounded with and who not. Nowadays, you come across gazillion of people and your attempt to be perfect will always get harder. A couple of months before a good friend of mine told me, she really liked how I was so confident around a bunch of different people and how I would never pretend about who I really was. It really struck me because I’ve never seen myself that way. When she asked me on how I managed to handle that so well, I told her exactly that – to know who you want to surround yourself with. 
In the course of time, you will surely see how bad people want to stay in your life because when it comes to the point where your ugly and your worst version comes out of the closet and is revealed, only the people who are worth it are going to look past that and accept you for who you are. But most importantly, you have to accept that as well. You have to accept that just by trying your hardest to be pleasant and agreeable to every person around you and live up to their expectations just to stay in their lives, won’t get you to that goal because you’re not doing it for yourself but for the other. You were put into this world to His perfect image and His likeness. It would be such a waste to think you should be different just to conform into this world because the secret is, that you out of all people are already perfect to one – to God. It is something very unlikely to believe at first, but isn’t it a lot easier to know this detail in a world full of judgement and superficiality? Whenever I try to remind myself that little yet powerful detail, I sometimes wonder how I should survive in this civilisation that is only about your looks, your material things and your social status. Then I simply just count how many people I know that love me the way I simply am and not what I have – and that is enough. It is such a huge blessing to know that no matter how much you messed up and how much you are still going to mess up, they will always stand by your side. Friends will come and go, it is inevitable, that’s why keep the ones close who are willing to stay in your life and who are making an effort to do so. These blessings should be appreciated each and every day as much as you have to appreciate yourself too.
Don’t hide from your weaknesses, but come out and turn your can’ts into cans! Be free from your imperfections and your shortcomings by simply accepting your faults and live in freedom!



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