Just how time always seems to fly by, so does the Congress season. Somehow I couldn’t find the time to recap everything on here, but here I am. Writing and recalling every possible blessing that I have encountered during the European Singles and Youth Congress.
The Congresses were indeed very special this year. All my friends were Firsttimers and it’s such a huge blessing that we could experience all this together. After all the downs I had before the ESC, God truly blessed me with fulfilling all my prayers. Hearing Him talking to me and feeling his presence during Adoration was the most humbling thing I could have ever encountered. He indeed moves in mysterious ways, yet we can truly rely on Him and know that after every setback we are prepared for a great comeback. The sessions as well as the workshops were very touching. So touching that I’ve been tearing up during most of the sessions because they were THAT relatable. They were great reminders of what’s next for me and in which areas I still have to improve.
The EYC on the other hand was somewhat more challenging. The heat, the preps before and during the Congress as well as standing in front of 50 Youths was an experience. I was just so glad that everything turned out fine. Amazing how God works and how awesome He really is. There’s been so many challenges even before the Congress season and I just never felt alone. The Service Team was so great to work with and it just amazes me how well our synergies worked during all this time. I am really looking forward to working with everyone again in future. After the EYC I was just left in awe. Everyone stepped up and have grown so much which made me very proud to be a witness of that development. Big ups to the speakers, the big Kuyas for all the YFLs now! The Trinity has indeed inspired me in so many ways. Seeing you stand in front of hundreds of people, letting God really speak through you was so inspiring to see. I’m really proud of you guys and I respect you so much!
I still feel very humbled that I was chosen to be part of the Service Team. Five years back from now, I wouldn’t have ever imagined to be privileged to serve during a huge event like the Congress. The preparations were sometimes tedious and chaotic, but the results turned out better than I have expected. Knowing that greater things are yet to come, makes me really excited for Europe. We never know what the guy up there has in store for us, but I truly believe that it’s going to be greatness.

The Congresses were such a huge blessing to me. The realisations I got, the fellowship and worships with all countries and also witnessing how God is working in us, just makes my conviction even stronger to have FAITH. 


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