That feeling when you wake up and you can literally feel the start of school in your bones. I’m not concerned with this but when you’re in a household with three younger siblings, then you cannot avoid the feeling of new challenges, new beginnings and new experiences. Even though I still have another month off, I still have to work my butt of to pass these exams that are coming up.
However, set all these things aside, how great was summer’13? I definitely felt alive throughout the past months. I got to travel twice, had some great hangouts with my besties, was able to support my older brother with his projects and was also able to get some practical experience concerning my major. This summer was also quite challenging, which cannot be a bad thing either. The Congress Season was one of the most humbling experiences ever and I am glad that I was part of it.

So here we go, new month, new season, new beginnings. I wish you guys all the best and a great start off into the new school year. Don’t forget to be great #studyrangers!

 photo IMG_6728_zps32fdf196.jpg photo IMG_6736_zpsb6b1b4ed.jpg
 photo IMG_6849_zps17ff7e04.jpg photo IMG_6850_zpsae41b5dc.jpg
 photo IMG_6883_zps40b9c4a6.jpg
 photo IMG_6913_zps6561b172.jpg photo IMG_6915_zps5f91cd10.jpg
 photo IMG_6924_zpsbca81678.jpg photo IMG_6935_zpsf51bbc52.jpg
 photo IMG_7046_zpse91bb8fa.jpg
 photo IMG_7181_zpsb000574e.jpg photo IMG_7189_zps7a75ee7e.jpg


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