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ZH has really grown on me. I’m so grateful that I’ve gotten to know a lot of new people. I really appreciate their hospitality, friendliness and their sense of humour. We pretty much had the best Hosts who really took their time to care for us. Special shoutout to the G’Sistuuuurz. We had great company, great food and lots of laughter. It’s been a great trip and I was so glad to be able to relax and just focus on enjoying the time outside of Austria. This last trip this year was totally worth it and I cannot wait for the next one. Here are some of the many highlights of the trip and more is still to come :)

 photo SAM_6025_zpsb7e94b0c.jpg photo SAM_6030_zps231c6dd3.jpg
 photo SAM_6041_zps0fa8ce59.jpg photo SAM_6042_zps251b520b.jpg
 photo SAM_6057_zpsdfcae1e5.jpg photo SAM_6059_zpsbdd47444.jpg
 photo SAM_6061_zps4a01f8c5.jpg photo SAM_6065_zps9d4d624f.jpg
 photo SAM_7026_zps53754285.jpg

 photo SAM_7036_zps05a78700.jpg
 photo SAM_7041_zpsdf035178.jpg photo SAM_7042_zpsfd12e1de.jpg
 photo SAM_7043_zps8afdbc6b.jpg photo SAM_7044_zpsd98e74c2.jpg
 photo SAM_7048_zps7ad869de.jpg photo SAM_7058_zps3a82ba9c.jpg
 photo SAM_7079_zps5fc72f00.jpg photo SAM_7085_zpsb7cda246.jpg
 photo SAM_7088_zps3c8b4909.jpg photo SAM_7096_zpsd15e10cf.jpg
 photo SAM_7093_zpsaf3bd91f.jpg photo SAM_7101_zpse4d32982.jpg
 photo SAM_7110_zpsf9ae11bc.jpg photo SAM_8020_zps7ecff38d.jpg
 photo SAM_8038_zpsf395f23b.jpg photo SAM_8032_zps47bd3ba1.jpg
 photo SAM_8043_zpsf25c0624.jpg photo SAM_8044_zpsa14c1e5d.jpg
 photo SAM_8048_zps85281132.jpg photo SAM_8049_zps826c394c.jpg
 photo SAM_8050_zps7b2cc293.jpg photo SAM_8065_zpsaba2acdd.jpg
 photo SAM_8067_zpse8e8af3a.jpg photo SAM_8068_zps8783dc0e.jpg
 photo SAM_8117_zps5fbb21a8.jpg photo SAM_8129_zps0ef1eba5.jpg
 photo SAM_9013_zps9ca74085.jpg photo SAM_9016_zps796f1bb5.jpg
 photo SAM_9018_zps65e31513.jpg photo SAM_9023_zpsddcb85e9.jpg
 photo SAM_9024_zpsd90e0bdf.jpg

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