fashion, travelling
We were very lucky that we still caught this great event called ‘Viaduktnacht’. It was basically a night were all the stores in Viadukt offered some latenight shopping. It was great. Great people, great fashion and great designs. Then we also took a walk through the old town of Zurich and roamed a few stores, cute little stores. Great fun, great fun.
 photo SAM_6032_zps1b186789.jpg photo SAM_6031_zpsb743f79d.jpg
 photo SAM_6033_zps0abbfd98.jpg photo SAM_6035_zps33ed8824.jpg
 photo SAM_6052_zps445200d0.jpg photo SAM_6044_zpsf2ceb4c4.jpg
 photo SAM_6045_zps5c65b936.jpg photo SAM_6049_zpsb5c69b5a.jpg
 photo SAM_6051_zps230d5986.jpg photo SAM_6054_zpsfbb5dea7.jpg
 photo SAM_6075_zps303b5c8f.jpg photo SAM_6074_zps82088e09.jpg
 photo SAM_6077_zps5f9922e3.jpg photo SAM_6079_zps899c2d00.jpg
 photo SAM_6080_zps071501de.jpg photo SAM_6078_zps21609513.jpg
 photo SAM_6081_zps20b4b49d.jpg photo SAM_6083_zpsc60bd105.jpg
 photo SAM_6084_zps8f7bce19.jpg photo SAM_6090_zps04451f2c.jpg
 photo SAM_7029_zpse9df972f.jpg photo SAM_7030_zpsb8a004c1.jpg
 photo SAM_7045_zpsa7eb60b7.jpg photo SAM_7052_zpsdcb8c95d.jpg
 photo SAM_7053_zps147d1b76.jpg photo SAM_7054_zpsbed82d10.jpg
 photo SAM_7056_zpsb45e3f0f.jpg photo SAM_7057_zps2491aae0.jpg

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