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THAT WAS IT!!!! For everyone who know me, I am the ultimate Paramore Fan and that ever since I was 15. Since the band has never been back to Vienna ever since 2007, I’ve never quite gotten the chance to go and see them up until now. The waiting game of 2h in the cold and pouring rain was definitely worth it – thanks Lisa for putting up with it as well. I will never ever forget this experience witnessing this powerhouse vocalist and my idol. The reason why I’ve grown so fond of them is because their music is so relatable plus I appreciate Hayley’s talent so, so, so much. Besides all the musical aspect, I totally dig their spiritual life and their deep faith. The wait was worth it and my love for them has grown even more. I couldn’t thank God enough for giving me this opportunity. Hayley, you’ll always be my hero.

“I should be over all the butterflies, I’m into you” 

 photo SAM_8073_zps490eb720.jpg photo SAM_8074_zps02ba6cb0.jpg
 photo SAM_8076_zpse10a915e.jpg photo SAM_8080_zps159bed0b.jpg
 photo SAM_8082_zps8834b526.jpg photo SAM_8085_zps4cdb4cad.jpg
 photo SAM_8087_zps7fcc9736.jpg photo SAM_8089_zps99587a4c.jpg
 photo SAM_8094_zpsac35bdda.jpg photo SAM_8099_zps2cf2cd1d.jpg
 photo SAM_8100_zps5cd824b9.jpg photo SAM_8101_zpscbf32e08.jpg
 photo SAM_8109_zpscd609090.jpg photo SAM_8111_zps01f0b390.jpg
 photo SAM_8115_zps88330b0f.jpg photo SAM_8117_zps0eb4bbdf.jpg
 photo SAM_8102_zps457af1aa.jpg
 photo SAM_8129_zpscf8b7e83.jpg

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