30 DAY CHALLENGE – DAY 1: Writing Prompt

30 day challenge, ezzy
Before you guys hit the ‘x’ button on this window, please take note that this isn’t any teenie-weebie tumblr challenge, I decided to do out of boredom. In this case I really want to try to be consistent with my ambitions, try to make the most of my talent and really try to challenge my self-motivation. So, I hope I can still keep you entertained with my writing.
(The 30 Day Challenge was taken from: http://30daychallengearchive.tumblr.com/post/832610035/writing-prompt-30-day-challenge)

Call on Me, therefore, wherever and whenever you are separate from the peace that I am. 

I will be there. 
With Truth. 
And Light. 
And Love. 

Shana, Alicia’s best friend always tended to over dramatise situations. But with this endnote in one of her many letters she hit Alicia’s heart right in the middle. Alicia’s life has been a rollercoaster of ups and downs. Coming from a home where perfection was on the daily agenda and where mistakes were unacceptable. Alicia albeit popular in school and the party scene never had the chance to feel what real friends were like. Her companions have always been users of her wealth and popularity. Going from one party to another was the only escape from loneliness Alicia knew. Up to that one day that changed her life forever. She met Shana under the most inconvenient circumstances – at a homeparty’s bathroom. Both were standing in front of the mirror to freshen up. “Wild party out there, ey?” Shana said looking at Alicia who was retouching her red lipstick. Alicia wasn’t really the type of person who talked to no-names. As clichéd it may sound, but in her world and as a girl with her status, she couldn’t afford to be friendly with another person who didn’t have slightly the same group of friends. Since Alicia would be leaving for another University anways, she didn’t bother that night and replied: “Saw worse, but yeah, this party is quite wild. Besides, I don’t really care that much anymore. Soon, I’m out of this pit.”
Shana has never been the type of person who started to converse. But since the semester ran towards the end and she hadn’t accomplished her goal of finding new connections and friends, she told herself now or never. 

“Oh? Where are you headed?” Shana asked simultaneously applying mascara on her eye lashes. 
Alicia could feel the pressure inside of her to keep the conversation going and as much as she loved to talk about herself, she just wasn’t in the mood to do so after everything that was going on at the party. Hence, Alicia gave Shana a last glance and walked away. “Thanks for the answer!” Shana mumbled to herself and continued fidgeting on her outfit. 
“Crap,” Alicia groaned and tried to open the bathroom door unavailingly. 
Shana just watched her and firstly thought how stupid one can be not being capable of opening a door when she realised that Alicia was really struggling. 
“This door just won’t open!” Alicia said and started to tackle the door. 
“You aren’t kidding, are you? Please don’t mess with me. I’m claustrophobic!” Shana replied and ran up to Alicia. When both tried to open the door without luck, they started to bang at the door and yelled for help. No one cold hear them since the music was too loud and the crowd outside couldn’t bother about both of them. Suddenly Shana started laughing. Alicia stopped hitting the door and looked at Shana with a puzzled face. “Why are you laughing? This isn’t funny!” Alicia cried. 
“This is just perfect. Just hilarious.” Shana said cracking up. Suddenly Alicia forgot about the trouble and started laughing with her. It was the first time in Alicia’s life that she was laughing about something that went completely wrong. She never knew how it was to laugh things off. Everything just had to be right and perfect. So both decided to get to know each other during the time being. 
“I’m Shana by the way,” she said stretching her hand out. “Alicia,” Alicia replied and grabbed Shana’s hand. 
“So you were saying you were going to transfer?” Shana said hopping on the counter next to the sink.
“Yeah, I actually am.” Alicia replied having a closer look at the bathroom.
“Where to if I may ask?” 
Alicia smirked and replied: “To the rivalry University.”
That would be her standard response to people who asked about it. She loved a little provocation. 
“Oh, that’s where I’m from!” Shana replied surprisedly. 
“What? So what are you doing here, then?” Alicia asked.
Shana shrugged and stared at the floor. “I just thought that I might meet better people in this University than in the other one.”
Alicia could hear a bit of sadness in her voice. “Well, in my opinion, it doesn’t matter where you go. You will always meet jerks, retards and a-holes. Regardless their gender.”
“What is your reason then for leaving?” Shana countered. 
“It’s crazy that I’m telling this a total stranger.” Alicia said and scoffed. “You’re actually the first person I tell this.”
Shana listened attentively. “I just want to start over you know? I’m just tired of putting up a front and pretend to be like this.”
Shana was taken aback with what she said. She’s never seen Alicia in such a vulnerable state. She’s always seen her as the badass and the strong one. 
“Who said you had to?” Shana replied.
“Every single inch of this town. Once you get labelled, you can’t take it off. Not in my case, you can.”
“Being labelled as the rebel, the bad girl whose parents are wealthier than this town. The label of my surname. Just everything.” Alicia started to really get frustrated with her situation up to the point where she couldn’t wait to get out of this town any longer. 
“Who said you had to follow those labels?” Shana asked. It felt weird to her that she had to talk a total stranger to their senses, yet she felt how much guidance Alicia needed.
“You are you and no one has the right to take that away from you. It’s up to you how you want the people to see you.”
It hit Alicia. Her self-centredness would have never taken her to this conclusion. 
“If you don’t want the people to just see you as the daughter of your parents, then you have to prove to them that you’re more than that.”
“Well, would you say it’s the right thing to do? To leave this place?”
“Dude, it’s your life and your decision. If you think that’s what’s best for you, I’m in no position to judge over that. I’m just saying that you should never settle for less in life. Especially when it comes to your own self. I don’t know you long enough but I’m very positive about people’s capabilities and abilities.”
“Wow. I didn’t see that coming,” Alicia giggled, “But yeah, that’s a great advice. Thanks.”
Shana was embarrassed by her comment but she’s had enough of girls always beating themselves up because they had to meet this certain standard made by the society of being this and like that. 
“So, what brought you to this lovely University? Now that we can be frank about it.” Alicia asked switching the seat. Shana forgot how easy people could read her and apart from that she wasn’t a very good liar.
Shana hesitated before she replied. “This is so embarrassing and pathetic.”
Alicia nudged her and persuaded her to answer her question. Shana took a deep breath and mumbled something. Alicia giggled and made her say it out loud. “A guy!” Shana cried out of embarrassment. 
“A guy? Who is it? I might know him,” Alicia said, suddenly lightening up.
“Yeah, well there was this guy, Martin Baumann, who I was blindly in love with.”
“Martin Baumann? You mean, my friend Martin Baumann? The guy who thinks he needs to hit on every girl for approval for his own social deficit?”
“What you know him?”
“Girl, that dude is a jerk. Hands off of him!”
“Jerk is not even the worst thing you can call him.”
It’s strange how gossip and boys can bring two people together, but at that night it definitely did bring them closer. Shana told her the whole story from back in the days where Martin and her were actually really good friends but couldn’t really be exposed to that because of the rivalry between the two Universities. Hence, Shana decided to transfer for one semester and ended up where she was now. 
She didn’t know how different Martin was around his friends. The first day she started there, he bluntly ignored her, leaving her with the feeling of not being good enough to be in his life. 
“You need to imagine that I’ve known this guy more than a year prior to my transfer. We shared a lot of deep conversations and I even helped him to stand up to his strict parents. But it was all in vain, just cause I got labelled as the girl from the bad University across the country.”
“Yeah, just so you know, Martin has always been someone who tried too much to fit in. He might be my friend but I’ve always seen him as the tag-along. Not to sound conceited, but even I enjoy real people more than people who always have to try too hard for society’s sake.”
There was silence between the girls. They took their time to just soak up the moment and to digest the things both shared with each other. 
“He just wasn’t the One, just like I used to think. And first heartbreaks are the worst.” Shana added.
“There’s plenty more fish in the sea. Besides, you really know when you’ve found the One. You just really know at the first moment you meet him.”
“I just feel so stupid. Giving up a lot just for a guy who doesn’t even like you back or in this case, treats you like you’re a nothing.”
“So, how was the rest of your stay here?”
Shana hesitated again. “You are right. You will always find people who aren’t really to your liking and I guess, places don’t necessarily change you.”
“What do you mean?”
“I told you that it’s always up to the person to present themselves the way they want people to see them, right?”
Alicia nodded.
“Well, my problem is that I know that I have a problem socialising and just exposing my true self to the whole world. A bit like your situation.”
“It’s funny how you have the solutions to the problem but can’t carry them out yourself.”
Then it hit Shana. Maybe that was the only thing that was lacking. The courage to get out there and absorbing people’s positivity through her being. Alicia’s advice might have been direct and harsh, but a lot of truth was behind it. “So, this semester, I pretty much spent it as a loner.”
“Not anymore, don’t you think?” Alicia replied and raising her hand for a high-five.
Before both admitted that they enjoyed each other’s company, they suddenly heard the door opening. 
It’s been a couple of hours in the bathroom, they thought, however they did not realise that they’ve actually talked the whole night through. Alicia’s good friend released them, saying that Jimmy, a football player, passed out in front of the door and blocked it. The reality was back again and both realised that when they stepped out of the bathroom things might either change or go back to normal. Both looked at each other and before Shana said her definite goodbyes because she assumed that things were going back to normal as a loner, Alicia interrupted her and said: “So, how about breakfast?”

That’s how their friendship started and still went on. Sometimes people just need a little nourishment from each others experiences and bit of accountability. In life, you don’t get a lot of chances to meet someone you instantly click with. In some situations you know that things have clicked but life’s circumstances just won’t let you nourish your relationship. However, don’t let things go just because life get’s in the way. It might take time, maybe a little or even a lot, but be sure that at the end of the day, you’ve been gifted with an accountable, reliable and caring friend under a little inconvenience but a lot of depth for a long lasting friendship.


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