30 day challenge, ezzy

Lara had always written in Journal ever since she got one for her thirteenth birthday. She would record each and every event or feeling into her little pink book. The color of her journal wasn’t really to her liking, that’s why she covered the princesses, stars and hearts with a bunch of stickers of her favorite band. She loved all these British bands. Starting from The Kooks to Arctic Monkeys. Lara never liked to be in the center of attention and that’s what she wrote most about in her journal. She wrote a lot about her struggles in her family where each of her three siblings had a great talent except her. The older Lara got the more she found out that writing had always been her talent. Even when at sixteen writing in your diary wasn’t really age-conform, she still wrote down everything. The most exciting phase in her life started – liking boys. Lara who always rather did what the other boys did such as playing in the dirt or talking about skateboards, found it rather weird that she suddenly couldn’t get her eyes off of this one guy in school. Of course every girl was in love with him because he was the most popular guy in school, but Lara wrote all her daydreams into that diary she got when she was thirteen. By the time Lara graduated, she has moved on to another journal. It was a black moleskin journal and she insisted on having a moleskin journal because she felt more grown-up with it. When it was time to move out of the house to go to college, she wanted to bring all her existing journals just to have something that reminded her of home. However, the most precious one was no where to be found. She looked everywhere, in the attic, in the basement and even buddle up her little box in the garden which she buried with her siblings when she was four years old. It broke Lara’s heart that she couldn’t find her first ever journal. The journal that inspired her to write down everything that she experienced. With the lost journal, she felt like she lost a lot of dear memories and also great life lessons. Not knowing where it had gone was the worst feeling. Lara hoped her journal didn’t get in the wrong hands with the idea of exposing her. But deep inside, she knew that it was still near and that maybe it was not her who was meant to find it.


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