30 day challenge, ezzy

Due some Internet problems, I couldn’t upload Day 3, so I will be posting up Day 3 + 4 today!

The only situation that I can recall was having to call a brother out because of his love issues. For the people who know me, I tend to overreact quickly and when I have to say things, then they have to be said. So, in this situation I just tried to give some advice to a close friend of mine who was struggling with his feelings for another person. In my eyes, their opinion about their situation wasn’t a good enough explanation to me, so I just had to lay my arguments and opinions all out there, regardless how much I’d hurt them. I argued that their feelings weren’t real and just pure infatuation and that it wasn’t love at all. Of course, for someone who has feeling for someone else, it is quite hurtful to hear all these things from a friend you think you had your support. Hence, I always seem to put my foot in my mouth when I need to be completely honest with someone. It’s not on purpose being a kill joy but sometimes I just think that a dear friend who I totally appreciate and think highly of also needs to feel that same level of honesty, truth and lookout from me. After that conversation with my friend, I of course got the silent treatment for a couple of days up until I apologised and they told me that they understood what I was telling them, although they never thought I’d be so harsh on them. For the people who know me, I’m harsh when it comes to looking out for my loved ones. I don’t sugarcoat anything! However, I completely understand as well that I cannot treat people like that on a regular basis. I’ve learnt to let them grow on their own and that all they need is my support. Whenever the time comes again, where I have to be completely frank again, I realised I need to watch my words and watch the other person’s feelings. So, who ever I’ve hurt with my frank tongue, I truly apologise.

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