30 day challenge, ezzy, personal
What a question *phew*. I guess questions about your own person always are the hardest to answer. But given the challenge, I will do my best to answer this question as good and as honest as possible.
Picture: John Kennet Ponti ©

Just when I think back, I have always felt different from the crowd, different from everyone else. Ever since middle school up til now. That would basically answer the reason for my social awkwardness with people I get to know and my mute behaviour amongst a group. But I guess what has always set me apart from the crowd I hung out with was, that I grew up in a big family. For my readers who do not know me that well yet, I have four siblings and I’m the second eldest. It was hard growing up and having to learn to be responsible at a very early age. In the beginning I really had to sacrifice my ‘teenage’ years, which supposedly have to be the most exciting years and the time you get to experience a lot of new things, for my siblings. So, I spent most of my spare time at home watching the kids. You’d get a lot of ‘No I can’t. Watching the kids’ replies to hangout sessions with friends. Now thinking back, I guess that’s the reason I developed into an introverted and, back then, to a pretty serious person. However, I do not regret anything of that because I knew that I helped out my parents a lot throughout the years. And I’m glad my parents trusted me a lot in the upbringing of the kids, especially the youngest one.

Picture: Bernadette Slacuti ©

Apart from being one of five kids, I think my faith and my service in the community sets me apart from the crowd as well, especially the worldly crowd. I’m so grateful being in the community because it has taught me so much and brought me so much closer to people I can count as my real friends today. Ever since I’ve become active and started doing a lot more for the community, my social skills have gotten a bit better, I think and hope. You still find me very quiet in a crowd at times but even now, it makes me very uncomfortable being too mute within a big crowd, which wasn’t the case earlier. In my opinion every person who is convicted in their faith and in Him up there, is set apart. I am proud to be a Catholic and being able to freely live it out in times where society doesn’t really agree with a lot of dogmas. I guess those two aspects in my life, really do set me apart from the crowd. I don’t think I have shared something that personal on my blog, ever, so I hope you liked it. Thanks for reading!


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