30 day challenge

My favourite childhood toy must have been – boring – Barbies. While my older brother was into matchbox cars, lego and other guy things, I guess, I just went with the flow and played with a lot of Barbies. I always had to have a Ken for my Barbie and of course the Shellys and the male couterpart for Shelly. It was fun for me to create a happy family with mother, father, son and daughter. Sometimes my Barbies had no clothes on and that’s where my creativity kicked in. I made them some clothes by sewing patches of leftover fabric my mum used. They weren’t ‘Project Runway’ potentials, but they were good enough to cover Barbie’s whole body. But apart from playing with Barbies, I enjoyed playing with Lego as well. I can still remember playdates with my cousine at her place. She had tons of Legos and we would always build villages and whatnot in her room. Those were the times, where TV Shows on Nickelodeon weren’t as essential as today. But yeah, in that sense I was pretty much a girly. I can still remember that I tried to put Make-Up on my Dolls, while my aunt, who used to live with us, was at work. I’d always sneak into the room and get some of her Eyeliners and Lipsticks to make my Dolls pretty. However, the dolls turned out really scary in the end. Too much smokey eyes in black wasn’t very appealing – especially at night. But I pretty much enjoyed all the Barbie accessories. My mum even bought me a Barbie house along with a Barbie car. I even had this pink briefcase in which I could put all her clothes inside. And the best ever Barbie gift I got was the Spice Girls edition. I got one for my birthday back then and I was so stoked because everyone else had one. While everyone got Baby Spice, I totally wanted to stand out from the crowd and decided to wish for Ginger Spice. Not everybody’s favourite but I could relate to her the most, especially body wise. 

It’s sad to see that kids nowadays do not wish for toys that much anymore. They’d rather get a cellphone or even worse – a tablet/iPad with games on it. Where has the fantasy in their heads gone? While the past generations kept on playing pretence-games and household games, kids these days would rather stay at home in front of the TV or Computer. Yes, time changes, it’s inevitable. It’s just sad how everything develops over time. I just wish more people would encourage the kids to go out and play, enjoying our nature and try to make up a game that doesn’t require any technological gadgets. 

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