30 DAY CHALLENGE – DAY 10 + 11

30 day challenge, ezzy, personal

I want to be remembered as a person with passion, virtues, values and wisdom, that were shining through her writing. I think that’s my goal for this life. To be able to use my talents to inspire and to encourage other people to just simply make use of who they are. But just as my mum always keeps on talking about my grandfather’s wise words, I would like my sons and daughters also to remember me that way. The way where they pass on wisdom to the next generations. Of course not only wisdom but also my faith. I would want for my family to spread the love for the community and also the love for the Man up there. And of course, that wouldn’t only limit itself to my family, of course I would want my loved ones also to experience His greatness. I want to be remembered as a person who worked hard for her achievements, someone who wouldn’t let anyone stop her from chasing her dreams. That would be great, just to be remembered like that and to let people know there is hope and that each and everyone can grasp their chances for greatness.

My first childhood pet were hamsters. Just so you know, I am not a huge pet lover and that basically lead to not really taking care of my pet. I would let my parents do that for me. My dad is quite an animal fan. I mean I don’t know anyone else apart from my parents who actually enjoy having fishes as pets and caring for them lovingly. I am so bad with pets. The only thing I can do is give them something to eat and drink but actually caring for them wholeheartedly is a challenge. Especially when it comes of small pets. However, I would love to have a dog some day. Even though I know a dog is a huge responsibility and it’s a lot more work than only having some guinea pig, I think I would really have to pull myself together to be a good dog owner.

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