30 DAY CHALLENGE – DAY 12 + 13

30 day challenge, ezzy, personal

My favorite day of the week would be SUNDAY, cause SUNDAY IS FUN DAY! 
No, but apart from that I really enjoy Sundays. The moment you wake up, you automatically feel the calmness and that ease. The streets are quiet, not a lot of cars drive around and you just know that your family is waiting in the dining room ready for breakfast. Sunday is also a great day to bond with your family. Starting with going to mass together, having lunch outside and then spending the afternoon in front of the television or napping on the couch. You know that you can stay in your PJs all day long and noone would bother. Sundays are also great days to just hang out with your friends and catch up. Of course everyone dreads the upcoming day but I guess pretty much everyone just ignores that fact and enjoys the day. I love Sundays – The Lord’s Day. Sometimes I get the feeling that conversations particularly on that day get deeper and more honest. You tend to reflect on the past week and smile because you’ve accomplished a lot of things within only days. Sundays are just great!!!

Have you ever seen the ‘King of Queens’ episode where Doug and Carrie went to their friend’s wedding and they had these single-use-cameras on each guest’s table? It would be really funny to me if I would come across such pictures. I bet the most hilarious pictures would turn out that way. For instance I could imagine the entourage to just mess around with it and take pictures of themselves mocking all those selfie poses. You would also have to consider that these random pictures you found at Costco are also from random people, in fact strangers. 

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