30 DAY CHALLENGE – DAY 14 + 15

30 day challenge, ezzy

Well this person grew up listening to Elvis, which doesn’t automatically mean she was even born when she started to love his music. Her parents were big fans of Elvis and they had his music play every day. How could she not start loving him as well? However, her love for Elvis wasn’t the obsessive kind. She just loved listening to his voice cause it made her feel closer to her parents that have passed away a couple of years ago. That’s the reason why she writes Elvis a Valentine’s card every year, because she really wants to say thank you to him for inspiring her parents and making them happy.

I’m Jake. I’m 23. And I am accused of murder. People say I was in the wrong place at the wrong time. My family tried to convince the police that I had nothing to do with this case, that I was a good person. My mum cried for me a lot. She knew me. She knew my heart. And she was the only one who believed so. Growing up was hard. I’m not going to talk about the difficulty without money because that was not my issue. I grew up in a wealthy household. I’ve always had the best of everything. Before my dad passed away the last thing he wanted me to do was to take care of my family and to never forget what he had taught me. Our family worked hard for our fortune and we were very privileged. However, that doesn’t mean that the worst thing that can happen to someone couldn’t affect us. 

When the murder happened, I really was in the wrong place at the wrong time. One night I walked home from a party. I did have a couple of drinks but I was still very conscious. Suddenly I heard a scream from a nearby side street. I tried to ignore it first because I thought it was just a couple messing around, but the screams didn’t stop getting scarier and scarier. The first thing I did was walk back to that side street and saw a guy throwing himself at a girl. Badly enough, I knew who the guy was. We shared the same class together and we had the similar group of friends. I ran towards them and tried to stop him. He was drunk and couldn’t even talk properly. The girl was in terror and very scared. I managed to pull him off of her. However, at the same time the girl pulled the trigger on the gun she hid behind herself and before I knew what had happened, she threw the gun on the ground and ran away. Before I could run after her, the police had already pulled in and I was trapped.

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