30 DAY CHALLENGE – DAY 16 + 17

30 day challenge

Well, if ghosts were really real and I don’t really want to go further into thinking about their existence because I don’t want to risk a sleepless night, I would most likely like to see my ancestors. It would be great seeing my Granddad and my Grandmum and take the chance to meet them. Even though I have heard great things about them I would just love to hear their stories. About how they grew up, how my parents grew up and everything about that. They are the people I look up to although I haven’t really spent enough time with them but knowing their stories, just leaves me in awe and proud to know that I had such inspiring and hardworking Grandparents. They’ve left a huge huge impact in my mum’s life and also in the lives of the people who they served. On top of that, I guess the could give me some advice on how life can be made easier. I guess, I’d really like that.

There’s not a lot going on in this kitchen where Sarah worked in. She’s been working in that Diner for over a year now and nothing much has changed. The customers have always stayed between 20-30 people who were all regulars. Although the working days were very tedious Sarah tried her best to be a good cook. After all that was what she learned from her father. One day she would own this Diner. It would be hers and she would call the shots, no one else. That was her big dream. She has fond memories in this kitchen because during High School she would just hang out with friends and cook for them after school. But she would also dream a lot in these four walls. She has it all planned out and she was excited for the future. However, things have gotten worse ever since her dad fell sick. Now her dream would take a bit of more time since she has to pay the hospital bills and all that. The kitchen, however, will always stay a place to dream in.

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