30 DAY CHALLANGE – DAY 19 + 20

30 day challenge
I kinda skipped DAY 18 because I really had no idea what the challenge was. I didn’t understand, so I’ll just make you be contented with these entries.

  1. Travel around the world, or at least visit the well-known places.
  2. Study in a different country.
  3. Fluently speak French and Tagalog. Maybe add another language such as Norwegian or Dutch.
  4. Learn programming on the computer and being able to create something with it.
  5. Drive a car. In future, a Range Rover.
  6. Learn to dance Contemporary.
  7. Write a Screenplay, produce and direct it.
  8. Allow myself to enjoy a fancy vacation and treat my friends on that vacation.
  9. Being able to buy my parents an all-exclusive vacation. Just for the two of them.
  10. Attend the Stubenville Conferences in the States and also attend the World Youth Congresses in the Philippines.
  11. Go to the well-known festivals such as Coachella, Glastonbury Festival, etc.
  12. Buy a summerhouse by the lake, for my friends and family to stay in while get togethers.
  13. Get an internship to one of the globally recognised Media Agencies or News Papers.
  14. Write a book.
  15. Write a coverage about Pope Francis’ Life or other famous and inspiring people.
  16. Go to all pilgrimage places in the world.
  17. Get married and have kids. 
  18. Publish my own magazine – own my self-established Media Company.
  19. Go on missions throughout the world to help the poor and/or share the Word of God.
  20. Make my parents and family proud.
  21. Never stop learning new things. 
  22. Read all classic books there are and being able to discuss them with intellectuals.
  23. Being able to back-up all my arguments with proof.
  24. Do a lot more sports.
  25. Travel with only a backpack.
(*Please consider, that this list may vary day to day)

I most probably would go to the Holy Land. Albeit the turbulences within the country itself, I guess as a Christian you have to go there once in your life. It be such a great experience to actually be in the place where all the stories of the Bible took place. But even more, I think the atmosphere in such a historical place would be just too good to be true to experience. I would love that!

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