30 DAY CHALLENGE – All the Rest of the Days 23 – 27

30 day challenge
If I could be a cartoon character, I would most probably be… Lizzie McGuire’s cartoon. The reason would be because that character would just describe any day in my life. The times when something embarrassing happens to me, when I fangirl with my best friend about our crushes and just completely be a teenage (feeling) girly girl. My days would be filled with any day to day life situations. But mostly with awkward and embarrassing situations since my character would never know how to cope with those situations which would automatically make them funny. I wish to be a funny yet relatable cartoon character.

Regarding this situation, I’m still very annoyed. I haven’t been sleeping well or enough the past days and I have no idea why. Well, I kinda have my theories, but I feel more comfortable not to share those with you :P Anyways, in February, it was a very packed month. They were filled with deadlines, EYC’13 plannings and meetings as well as YFL Missions. However, during the weekend of the EYC’13 Planning, I literally only had about 4hours of sleep from Friday to Sunday. However, my determination to finish writing my Seminarpaper and the determination to plan something awesome for the EYC kept me quite awake. It was a struggle since the worst feeling you can have is being extremely tired, yet you have to keep your brain intact and your eyes open. Through the help of the Holy Spirit I managed to not be as grumpy and mean as usual when I lack sleep. However, towards the end of the planning, I indeed ended up acting like a 4 year old child and also ended up sick. Yet, everything was worth it. I wrote a ‘B’ on that Seminarpaper and you guys saw the result of this year’s European Youth Congress in Vienna.

My worst habit… would probably be procrastinating A LOT and complaining. Ugh, even now I can facepalm myself for being so lazy. And yes, I figured that no one really can keep up with a complainer for a longer period. Hence, I have tried to change my attitude about things that don’t work out right away. Instead of complaining I have tried to be more of a do-er instead of a dumpling-er – yes, I just quoted New Girl. But back to the procrastination: yes, it did get me to the very wrong situations. For instance procrastinating to study for exams. Constant struggle and such a hard habit to break. So… I guess I ought to start studying, right?

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