FOR THE HEART, life, personal
I’ve been contemplating a lot about deleting certain Apps on my phone. I’ve even been contemplating about avoiding Facebook ’til the end of the year. Why? Because these social networking sites give me a negative vibe. Why? Because I don’t agree with most things I see on there. Why? Because they make me insecure. I start to envy the people on the pictures and I simply end up pitying myself because basically everyone around me is too darn ‘cool’ for me. 
Just by looking at people’s pictures on their IG, I often find myself thinking ‘Oh boy, is this how you’re supposed to be nowadays? Is this how you should live today?’ From selfies, over to parties up until alcoholic beverages, that’s what most people I follow post these days. It kinda portrays everything that the world loves to see. Everything that society is okay with, everything that society wants to see and feels. Is that how my lifestyle should be in order to fit in? Should I be taking a dozen of selfies a day just to prove everyone I’m a girl who is confident? Should I be taking pictures of my new coppings just to let everyone else know that I’ve got that style and that taste? Are my group of friends cool enough and have that great style to post a picture with them? Is this party IG-worthy? Will the people be impressed by this because I’m having such an extravagant dinner? How many likes will I get on this picture? Just so I can assess my worth on Social Media. 
It’s amazing how pictures can be so deceiving. It’s amazing how pictures can make you feel emotions that shouldn’t be felt in the first place. When I look at certain profiles I sometimes think to myself, how on Earth would I fit in this society? Nothing I ever see is me or could represent my personality. It saddens me a lot to find myself in a generation that has become even more shallow. It saddens me that personalities look so great on pictures but in real-life just suck. What happened to authenticity behind pictures and in real-life? 
All I care about is being genuine and being confident enough to show that the world through your actions and not through pictures. I care about real art and pictures that motivate and send positivity out into the world. Hence, I don’t curr about having to see your face every day and you trying to make your face look inspirational just cause you added some inspirational BS as a caption. 

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