The Lord blessed me with a task last weekend that I was very excited about. I was able to do an activity and give a sharing during the Sisterhood-Workshop. I was so happy that I got asked to do this since I’ve been wanting to do something like this for my sisters in a very long time. Since I have been trying to nourish myself with great quotes, articles and blogs about being a true woman of God and a great sister to everyone, I realised that it does not help me if I don’t share it with everyone. 
So, I have decided to make this a project on my blog, so that all my readers can profit from things that I read about, just to give them something to reflect on, give them a guide and maybe also something that might challenge them. 
I have learned a lot during this weekend and I am beyond excited what the man up there has in store for us ladies. I hope the booklets that were handed out to you may always be at the back of your head because the things in there are so very important! My first entry will just be a short reminder of what we have learned during the past weekend.

© Esther-Marie Tidoso aka Ezzycupcake




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