Girls, whether you like it or not, in our environment we do play a certain role that comes with responsibilities. We might be the eldest girl in the family, we might have this certain ‘Ate’ role in the community or we simply have to be a good role model for the people we interact in our daily lives. Of course, a lot of pressure comes with that responsibility since we’re just human and we can’t always do the right thing. We make mistakes, we don’t have the right attitude towards certain things and situations or we just simply don’t feel strong enough to go towards the path of being a role model. However, we need each other more than we sometimes want to admit. It doesn’t always have to be an hierarchical situation where you assume that the older girls need to take care of you. Some wise bird told me that a relationship shouldn’t be based on ‘give and take’ but therefore, even better, should head into the direction of ‘give and give back’. It even sounds a lot more optimistic! Whenever we reflect on what kind of woman we want to be, we tend to think of independence, strength and intelligence. I don’t argue against that, but I guess before us girls should focus on those traits, the followings are a lot more important:
  1. She Wisely Wears Her Rubies: By this I mean her immense wisdom. Wisdom being worth far more than rubies. I love how Proverbs describes a woman of wisdom as: “A rich desire for knowledge and a love for humanity”. Wisdom has a voice and it’s feminine! A woman worth following doesn’t stand in silence. She listens to the voice of courage and change and it guides her in making choices that display discretion, patience, and understanding.
  2. She Lives Beyond Herself: She’s filled with compassion for the least, the last, and the lost. You know, those who few like, no one sees, no one hears. A woman worth following always thinks beyond herself. She’s not a narcissist taking constant “selfies” (pictures of oneself). No, a woman worth following is mindful of those who are suffering in the world around her. Empathy fills her and causes her to act. She spreads joy, love, and laughter wherever she goes. Ultimately, people feel safe to be seen by her.
  3. She’s Got Guts: She’s not opposed to risk. In fact, I would say that most women worth following are willing to take risks. I’m not talking about risks of immaturity, like driving home drunk. I’m talking about wise risk like self-publishing that manuscript you’ve worked on for 5 years, or taking that trip to Central Africa in order to encounter another culture that’s always fascinated you. A woman worth following has got the guts to risk. And not only that, she’s counted the cost. Calculated the leap. Whether it’s an investment of her time, money, energy, or relationships, she’s willing to pay the price, take the jump, and go for the glory.
  4. She Is an Original Voice, Not an Echo: She doesn’t mimic others, she creates. She’s an original. She’s got something unique, different, and distinct about her. She marches to the beat of her own drum. To do this takes courage. Boldness. It’s not easy to put yourself “out there”, to present your voice, your ideas, your life itself for others to critique and examine. But a woman worth following does all of those things, time and time again, because she knows there’s a unique contribution that only she can make to the world.

(taken from: (17.01.2014)) 



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