To live in a world where certain standards are being thrown at your face as a woman, is hard. And to be quite frank, as woman nothing is ever good enough. You’re not skinny enough, you’re not tall enough and you’re not smart enough. What has happened? Why has outer appearances become such a great requirement to be attractive to the other gender? Why has our way of thinking become so shallow? How can a woman survive in this world who’s not got a flawless body and this and that?
My heart literally breaks when I hear girls complain about their body flaws and how insecure they are about not being picture perfect beautiful. It breaks my heart when I think that of myself as well. How emotionally exhausting it is when we constantly compare ourselves to other girls who we think are beautiful and flawless? How much does this thinking encourage us to put our self-worth and self-confidence in the bottom drawer? To be honest, there’s always going to be one person who we think is far better than ourselves but who says you can’t be as good as them yet in a different area in your life? 
Life isn’t here to impress your neighbours or to impress your friends. We’ve given the Gift of Life to be able to be a Gift to Him and newsflash, God doesn’t care what kind of new car you’re driving, what kind of new sneakers you got or to which exotic country you’re able to travel to. God cares more about how you treat your heart and the people around you. Do you think God would be happy about you striving to be thinner than the person next to you? Do you think God would be happy seeing you so broken about your looks? Yes, it is hard in this life. The competition, the pressure and the high standards but do you really want your life to be surrounded by that? Do you really want to struggle your whole life to meet all those expectations? How about striving to be happy and content?
I’ve given up to meet all those standards because I know I’d never be good enough for the whole world.  My heart would not take all the disappointment. Besides, being a bad person is worse than having a bad body shape, is it not? And what we tend to forget is that when we do not change the way we think about all this, we directly pass it over to our future daughters. Would you want that for your daughters? To live in this world with the anxieties of not being good enough for anything?  In the end, nothing is ever about you. 
I encourage you, my sisters, to live a life where you truly seek Him. Seek Him and he will heal every inch of your insecurities, fears and brokeness. Not that I am saying that I am there already, because in truth, I am not there yet at all, but I want to be so badly. 

Genesis 1:26

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