#missionfeb has ended on a high and exciting note. You guys can really look forward to this year’s EYC! The planning was great and we’ve come up with great ideas. It was refreshing to be creative again with great minds and great people. I really enjoyed everyone’s company and we had the best host ever. I could really see how everybody grew in their own way and at their own pace. It was great to be a witness of this and to be part of it. The challenges are waiting for us to be overcome and I cannot wait for all the work and effort everyone is going to make for this Congress to be a great one!
 photo SAM_4047_zpse3c117ee.jpg

 photo SAM_3140_zps02f83a7f.jpg photo SAM_3142_zps89bd2f8e.jpg
 photo SAM_3144_zps098cd8fc.jpg photo SAM_3149_zpscdf719d2.jpg
 photo SAM_3150_zps903a010e.jpg photo SAM_4004_zps53249db3.jpg
 photo SAM_4008_zps213019b1.jpg photo SAM_4010_zps6b1b5e82.jpg
 photo SAM_4015_zps83c92aac.jpg photo SAM_4017_zps00e3e071.jpg
 photo SAM_4021_zps1776cba8.jpg photo SAM_4025_zps11703621.jpg
 photo SAM_4052_zpsde7e8374.jpg photo SAM_4050_zpse76bd948.jpg
 photo SAM_4062_zps639e0f0d.jpg photo SAM_4066_zps549dd6e1.jpg
 photo SAM_4070_zps46c58691.jpg photo SAM_4072_zps324d7e07.jpg
 photo SAM_4078_zpsf6d27970.jpg photo SAM_4081_zpsb88885f9.jpg
 photo SAM_4086_zpsabb89b71.jpg photo SAM_4090_zpsd7bf1a84.jpg
 photo SAM_5001_zps1644c51c.jpg photo SAM_5002_zps099aeb84.jpg

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