Before and after the planning we had time to roam around the city and even travel to Milan. The impressions of Turin exceeded my expectations. The traditional italian streets and buildings, the great way of getting around and of course its history and miraculous stories totally made me fall in love with this city. We were so lucky with the weather as well which made the sightseeing a lot more fun. Thanks Gian for showing us round your city and letting us get to know your homies. And thanks to the community in Turin as well, for keeping us tourists great company. 
Good company, good times

 photo SAM_3020_zps37c242ff.jpg
 photo SAM_3023_zps3e33a14e.jpg

 photo SAM_3027_zpsb91a1e9e.jpg photo SAM_3030_zps97f30eb0.jpg
 photo SAM_3031_zps2b7dd81f.jpg photo SAM_3032_zpse2fb0fd5.jpg
 photo SAM_3038_zps44776aff.jpg photo SAM_3041_zps2faf9b17.jpg
 photo SAM_3044_zps81ba3966.jpg photo SAM_3045_zps7b3cce33.jpg
 photo SAM_3049_zps1caa3e2d.jpg photo SAM_3052_zpsc8900fe4.jpg
 photo SAM_3050_zps6e31a5ed.jpg photo SAM_3051_zpsa0c7ca6b.jpg
 photo SAM_3059_zps97e4ab75.jpg photo SAM_3063_zps327720d8.jpg
 photo SAM_3068_zps609e86c3.jpg photo SAM_3073_zpsc23dba07.jpg
 photo SAM_3076_zps43b24f84.jpg photo SAM_3078_zps3f17d82a.jpg
 photo SAM_3083_zpsb9e587b4.jpg photo SAM_3086_zpse5da23c7.jpg
 photo SAM_3100_zpsddb02aaf.jpg photo SAM_3108_zpsc0d47cec.jpg


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