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A huge shoutout to all the students that are stressed with exam preparations, assessment papers and finals – I AM SUFFERING WITH YOU.
May is such a cringe-worthy month for me. All I can say is what’s passed is passed. Therefore, I am glad I can focus my wandering mind on school stuff because quite frankly, I need to get on with school!!! Hence, I get challenged so much up to the point where often think to myself ‘meh, I don’t want to anymore, everything is so hard and I can’t get my brain to think.’ But I learned a lot from past events that just because you’re challenged so much, that you can’t just simply give up and put all your efforts aside. Being able to go to school is a gift and sometimes opening gifts don’t come easy. That’s one lesson I’ve learned, that nothing good ever comes easy. All the more we should try to embrace our challenges and our struggles because in the end, the reward will be so much better than you’ve expected. You might ask how I calm my always worrying heart. I simply pray and lift basically everything up to God because I know I can’t carry all the weight on my shoulders. It also feel liberating to know that you don’t have to be in control over things. Especially things that mean a heck lot to you. But hey, we got this! We will get through this and rejoice in the success we’ve worked hard for, right? Summer is not far away, so we better work hard and suffer now so we can completely enjoy the laziness that will be allowed during summer. If that motivation didn’t help, here are two guys that hopefully will motivate you anyhow.

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