A couple of weeks ago, one of my best friends and I got into a deep conversation. We simply talked about how fast the year has gone by and what crazy things have happened. Apart from that, being the reminder that she is, when she told me that I was so scared of the year 2014 I was actually surprised – luckily.

Due to the fact that 2013 wasn’t one of the best years I had, I am glad to say that this year was a good year. Of course, I couldn’t avoid hurts, disappointments and silly fights. However, I have learned how to cope and deal with those type of situations – mostly through a lot of silly humour which I need in my life forever.

This year has taught me that humility plays such a great part in reaching your goals. Sometimes things just can’t and won’t go the way you want them to. Sometimes your expectation of others and yourself can’t be met. Sometimes the speed of your progression is not as fast as other people’s when it comes to life. However, everyone of us is progressing at their own pace. And relying and trusting the Lord and His plans for you can give you so much more peace than anything else. Finally, humbling yourself down for each and every situation makes you appreciate things from the bottom of your heart. And also, I’ve accepted the fact that people cannot make you happy and that your own happiness has to come through yourself. Therefore, when I found myself in situations that challenged me so much and almost took all the energy I had to fight against doubts, fears and loneliness, I knew that I had to push and pull through in order to grow, in order to find out that you yourself can make and be happiness.

When it comes to friendships, Taylor Swift once said, “Life gets a lot easier when you’ve got really true friends to lean on and vent to.” I can only agree to that. This year has affirmed me that I have the people in my life that are meant to be in it and that each one of them, new or old, is such a huge blessing to me. As well as my family, that has grown in love so much more than it has the past years.

I take each and every month in the past year as a blessing because I have encountered so many great things and I was able to share it with the most important people. I would just like to thank everyone for inspiring, challenging and motivating me to be the person that I strive to be. Now, I challenge you and help me with spreading a lot of love in the next year. Have a blessed new year and I’ll catch you guys on the flippedy flop.





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