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terradiconquista terradiconquista

Fight for me: because when I think of you, I think how I’d do anything to make you happy—how I would go on all the walks or buy you all the Doritos in the grocery store that you wanted. Because you walking into my life was so unexpected, but has turned out to be incredible.

Fight for me: because every time we see each other, it’s a new experience. Because we get to travel and explore new places together. Because we sat behind a waterfall in a little cove, just us, as we observed the view before us, the falling water making the rest of the world blurred. Because in that moment, even the wet, slippery kisses were good ones. Because we built a fort together, and just when I thought it wouldn’t work, when I gave up on it, you didn’t. Because we sat in the fort, binge…

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